Sources known for the pictures here posted: Mrs Anna VanDerGroen, Mr. Lie Gai, Sgt Oharra, Sifu John Camacho, Mr. Mike Anderson, Sifu Lott Barte and soon Menoy Glenn Abrescy.
As the number of sources increases, we will expand the list.

The pictures here posted are not my personal property nor do I have exclusive rights to them. They where either given to me, or have been used by permission of either the people who own the rights to these pictures, those who have copies of such pictures without owning the rights to them, or by the VanDerGroen family. Tai Sifu was an openly generous person. For us to keep these materials to ourselves would be an insult to his memory.

Regardless, the permitted use of this pictures is for personal use and not for profit. “The photographs of the time when Tai Sifu is practicing in Germany where mostly taken by Sgt Ohara or by comision of Mr. Mike Anderson. The original prints where offered to me by Mrs. Anna VanDerGroen, for me to be a guardian off, along with Tai Sifu Otto’s certificates. I instead took pictures of them. Others are scanned pictures of the originals, given to me by Pap.

Most of the color set of photographs where donated by Sifu John Camacho and where taken by Sgt Ohara at Sifu Barrientes school. Others are excerpts from the video which Sifu Lott Barte sent me. We will soon post pictures belonging to the “White Uniform” era. There is a very interesting picture of Tai Sifu performing a jumping side kick, we will soon post it courtesy of Menoy Glenn Abrescy. Some of these pictures where to appear in the Fighter Magazine during the 70′s.” Sgt Ohara passed away a very long time ago, but we do keep in touch with Mr. Anderson, and he will be helping us with those materials. We may receive the Fighter article itself.